British Columbia, BC


Introducing British Columbia, BC

British Columbia is Canada’s most westerly province and is home to some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife parks and resorts in the world. British Columbia, known also as BC, stretches from the Rocky mountains in the East to the Pacific Ocean in the West.

The housing and lifestyle opportunities in BC make it one of the most sought after places to live or holiday too for people all over the world and with such marvellous wildlife parks on your front lawn who can blame you for wanting to experience a golden lifestyle.[/two_thirds]

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“We recently struggled to find the perfect BC cabin but stumbled upon GDPM through online Google searches, their guides helped us to realise that there was someone out their with the same vision as ours and so contacted them without hesitation. The result was a no hassle long-term rental of the perfect BC cabin in the Invermere area of British Columbia. Thanks GDPM.”

British Columbia, BC Guide

We have carefully written this area guide as long-term and experienced residents of BC who would like to share some of the British Columbia’s most hidden secrets whilst providing you with an array of stunning long-term rental properties and property management services that we as a business offer and so we hope it provides you with enough information about the glorious British Columbia area and the housing opportunities that await you. You will also find interesting and fact full area guides for the most popular BC resorts of which we provide above standard property management and long-term BC rental services in.

Now BC is home to some magnificent resorts each with their own stunning landscapes and energy. Choosing the perfect BC resort to look for long-term cabin, house, condo and apartment rentals or to find the perfect property management business can sometimes be difficult, especially when faced with so many options. The rentals and property management services we provide are situated in BC’s most popular searched for resorts including Invermere, Windermere BC, Radium Hot Springs BC, Fairmont BC (Fairmont Hot Springs) and Panorama BC. If your looking for the perfect housing opportunity in British Columbia then you have come to the right place. So why are BC rentals so popular?




British Columbia, BC Rentals

Explanation of why BC rentals are so popular, the types of BC rentals available, average price of bc rentals, what to expect from bc rental properties and what you typically get for your money from different price ranges.