We apologize, we have no rentals available at this time

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Due to the high demand for rental properties, we currently have more requests for a place to rent, than we have available.

Other alternatives for you to check are:

First Choice Realty, Eric Redeker – 250-342-4040 sold@IworkforU.com
​- ​Eric does long term property rentals.

Columbia Valley Pioneer – available online
​ –  The Pioneer has listings

Columbia Valley Rental Properties/Buy & Sell and Invermere Free Classifieds – Facebook Groups
​ – usually have homeowners posting suites etc…

High Country Properties, 1-800-665-1801info@highcountryproperties.com – are primarily shorter term rentals

Invermere Hostel,
380 Laurier St. Invermere, BC, Canada V0A 1K7
Phone: +1 866 222 0325 or +1 778 776 1744
Email: booking@invermerehostel.com

Please keep checking our website, any changes will be shown here as soon as they happen.


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